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If you're passionate about your spelling, my work is for you. The best spelling for Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and Mac OS X for Australians, is the preferred Australian English spelling. My old open source work is used by millions of Australians as the dictionary used in Google Chrome, Firefox and many open source projects. My latest and best work is now available here. You owe it to yourself and your writing, to use the best tools possible.

The preferred Australian English Spelling for
Internet Explorer 10/11 on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1

Internet Explorer now offers Australians the opportunity to have the
browser with the best Australian English spellchecker for Windows.

How can I claim Internet Explorer to have the best?

I built the Australian English spellcheck dictionary now used by Google Chrome and Firefox, work which has been obsolete for many years.

Internet Explorer users can obtain my latest work direct from the creator.

For many years other browsers have provided Australian English spelling using my earlier and now obsolete open source dictionary work. Yes, Google Chrome and Firefox both use my old work. Now at last Microsoft have provided spellchecking built into Internet Explorer 10 and 11 under Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

The problem however is that whilst Microsoft provides a very good Australian English dictionary, for most Australians it could be much better. There are thousands of words in the Australian English language which can be spelt more than one way, but in Australia, there is a preferred spelling and a secondary spelling for many words. By using the preferred spelling you are using the most accepted and best spelling.

The following are the type of problems Internet Explorer users will have with Australian English spelling if they don't add the preferred Australian English spelling file.

  1. Words such as "organise" and "organize" are both shown as correct by the spellchecker which can lead to inconsistent spelling in a document.
  2. Many people consider the "ize" spelling to be American. I've heard on a number of occasions students' work being marked incorrect by academics who consider the "ize" spelling to be American but do not realise in Australia it is an accepted but secondary spelling.
  3. You'll find a number of words which are spelt using American English such as "mom".
  4. Words such as "focussed" and "focused" are both valid spelling variations.
  5. When people have been tested on which is the preferred spelling on a list of words, very few people are able to identify more than 70% correctly. Most people score much less even though they believe they are 100% correct.

The preferred Australian English spelling file made available on this page provides a solution to these problems and provides you the easiest way to use the preferred Australian English spelling in Internet Explorer under Windows 7/8/8.1 .


The file and instructions provided are copyright with all rights reserved. No redistribution is permitted. The file and instructions are not to be used for any other purpose. The file you receive is only licensed to you personally for your use and is not to be used by anyone else. If you have a second computer you can install the file on that computer as long as you are the sole user on both computers. A second licence is required if there is more than one person using the computer.

 I ask people to be fair and respect the considerable amount of time I've put into creating the preferred Australian spelling resources for Australians. I've been creating resources since 2003 with an average revenue of around $200 a year. I should have called it quits years ago but I believe every copy sold is helping a person with their writing, in the same way the preferred Australian spelling has helped me.

Companies wishing to use the file on more than one computer should purchase a copy for each computer. If a large number of computers are to be covered, please contact me to arrange for purchasing a licence for each computer.


The price of the preferred Australian English spelling file is $9.95.

Buy Now

NOTE: At this time the file is only available for purchase within Australia.

Purchase instructions

Click on Buy Now button to purchase the file.
On receipt of your purchase details I will personally send you an email with installation instructions and the preferred Australian English spelling file.
Please note: Due to the low cost of the file it is not possible to include free support. Should you require assistance with the file paid support is available on request.



Online Connections is a registered Microsoft sales partner, but I do not consider this influences the products or services provided to clients. The additional information provided by Microsoft as a result of being a registered sales partner assists me in assisting clients to make better and more informed decisions. The terms Microsoft and Internet Explorer I believe are registered with Microsoft Corporation.

I hope you find the the preferred Australian spelling file useful.

A JustLocal friend.


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