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Get the best spelling for Microsoft Office on Windows and macOS at Fixes thousands of issues Australians have with the provided spellchecker.

Outlook Express (OE)
Fix spelling check not working
British and Australian English spelling
(Also suitable for America and other English speaking countries.)

Do you have Windows XP with Outlook Express and the Spelling button is disabled?

Has installing Office 2007 caused your Outlook Express spellchecker to stop working?


"OMG! I have fixed the error that my usually fantastic computer man says is impossible! Thanks so much, your instructions are perfectly clear and easy to follow. Best $10 spent to save frustration for my spelling-challenged husband."

"Have just downloaded your fix for the "Outlook Express" spell-checker problem. (Windows XP Home, O.E. ver. 6). Worked perfectly! Could have saved me 10 hours work, if found earlier. Thank you very much."

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"Hi Kelvin, Excellent - thank you so much. The program does just what it says on the tin! Great to have OE6 back again instead of the bug-ridden Windows Live Mail! I'll pass on details of how to solve the Office 2007 / OE6 spell check bug to other folks. Once again, thank you for doing what Bill Gates can't be bothered to do! Best wishes - From Great Britain"


If you have a desktop, notebook or netbook computer with Windows XP, then you have Outlook Express, which is an excellent email client.

The problem is without specific Microsoft software installed, the spellcheck feature of Outlook Express does not work. More recently if you've installed Office Home and Student 2007 over your old version of Office/Word, you'll now find Outlook Express spellchecking no longer works and Microsoft doesn't provide a solution to the problem.

With quite a bit of research I've been able to create a solution using some free software from the internet, plus my own work to create a solution for those who prefer to spell using British instead of American English. In addition, if you have a copy of Office/Word 97, you can even have an Australian English dictionary.

The solution is suitable for people in the UK, Australia and other countries using British English. This now means you can use the spelling "colour" instead of "color" and "organise" instead of "organize" in Outlook Express.


The following are the steps required to enable British spelling.

- First run the free program which allows you to select English (United States).
- Then run my program and you can also select English (United Kingdom).

NOTE: If you have a copy of the Australian dictionary from Office 97, you can also select English (Australian).


The program I provide is copyright with all rights reserved. No redistribution is permitted. The program is not to be used for any other purpose. The program is only licensed to you personally for your use and is not to be used by anyone else. If you have a second computer you can install the program on that computer as well, as long as you are the sole user of both computers. A second licence is required if there is more than one person using the computer.

Companies wishing to use the program on more than one computer should contact me to arrange for purchasing multiple licences.


The price of the Enable Outlook Express dictionary program is $9.95.

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Optional support

To be fair to those who don't require support, the above price includes no support. Most people haven't required support and the document I provide covers installation and most issues I've found to occur.

If after reading the document you are having trouble, please contact me to purchase some support time. Support is charged for in 6 minute intervals keeping the cost of support as low as possible. Six minutes of support should be sufficient to answer one or two questions, but the amount of time required is obviously dependent on the problem. The price for support is $13.20 per 6 minute interval.

NOTE: It is very important to know one of the programs I provide is a free program which I've acquired from the internet. My program however is copyright and licensed for a single user on a single computer. You are not given rights to redistribute my program. If you don't respect other people's copyright please look for an alternate solution.

VERY IMPORTANT: I do not provide an Australian English dictionary file. You need to have a legitimate copy of Office 97 and be able to extract the required file and copy it to the folder on your hard disk. If you don't have a copy of Office 97 then please use the British dictionary.

What happens after you purchase

When I receive your purchase I will send an email with instructions and an attached file. You will receive the email generally within 24-48 hours. The file contains a complimentary copy of the free program, a copy of my Enable Outlook Express dictionary program, instructions on how to install the programs and guidance on what file is required for Australian English spellchecking.

NOTE: If you don't hear from me within 48 hours, please check your spam or junk mail folder first. Often spam filters treat new contacts as spammers even when they aren't. If you then can't find the email send me an email letting me know. If you then don't hear from me send me an email using a different email address. I had one person's email service filter emails at the server and the user never knew they were getting emails from me. There is no way of knowing in advance what can go wrong with email, but generally it works well. I work on the assumption that you've received the email if I don't hear from you because most of the time email works.

Money back guarantee
I offer a 7 day money back guarantee. If you can't get the program to work I'm happy to refund your money.



I make no claims about the programs for suitability for any purpose, or that the files are error free. You agree that at all times, you take full responsibility for your own actions including the use of these programs.

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