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Australian Spelling Test


Think you're a great speller? Then think again.

You'll be lucky to spell six or seven of the following words with the preferred Australian English spelling, but don't be hard on yourself as most people are in the same boat.

  leucaemia leukaemia

  whiskey whisky

  daks dacks

  transshipment, transhipment

  bonzer bonza

  wagon waggon

  organise organize

  co-operate cooperate

  ice cream ice-cream

  sulphur sulfur

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Quiz results

If you scored six or seven out of ten, then you're actually doing very good. When people perform this test they are often quite surprised (some very annoyed) they don't get all the words correct. Try again and find out the words where you're not using the preferred Australian English spelling.

To help us research if there is a regional reason for different spelling variations, it is appreciated if people could enter their postcode. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Interested in the preferred Australian English spelling

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This test comes with no warranty expressed or implied. The test is only for informational purposes and is not guaranteed to be error free.


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